Holiday Swarm Willamette

Join the Willamette Holiday Swarm! – Sat. 22nd Noon-2p.m.

Pick up cards to hand in along south Willamette!

Safer walking and bicycling along south Willamette Street will be good for Willamette Street businesses. Bike lanes will give people on two-wheels the kind of safe and direct access to stores, restaurants and services that will keep them coming back time-after-time. Bike lanes will also provide a wide buffer between the sidewalk and the motorized traffic – a real win for those on foot. You can help make those point by joining in the Willamette Holiday Swarm!

It’s simple to do. Just pick up a card at one of the businesses listed below, cut one out of the current Eugene Weekly, or print your own using the attached file. Then go shop at a business along south Willamette Street (24th-29th Ave.) or the Southtowne Shoppes on Oak St.

When you pay for your purchases, hand over the card, as well. It would be especially great if you would sign the card and scribble a note about why you want to walk/bike on south Willamette. Then go to another Willamette Street business and do the same!

We’re aiming for a shopping -flash mob- on Saturday, Dec. 22 between noon and 2 p.m. – so if possible, join in the shopping swarm at that time. But if that time doesn’t work for you, please do pick up and use the cards anytime between now and New Years.

You can pick up Swarm cards (and yes, even leave one!) at:

– Arriving by Bike — 2705 Willamette St.
– Beaudet Fine Jewelry — 2849 Oak St.
– Down to Earth Home and Garden — 2498 Willamette
– Holy Cow Restaurant — 2621 Willamette St,
– Jenny’s Hair & Company — 2633 Willamette St.
– Marina’s Art Studio — 2650 Willamette St.
– Nature’s Pet Market — 2864 Willamette in Woodfield Station near Market of Choice and Laughing Planet

There are only a few holiday shopping days left! Finish up at the Willamette Street Swarm!

Join in the Willamette Holiday Swarm–and spread the word!!!

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