Breezer Bikes

Breezer bikes fit right into your life.

Comfortable and easy to use, award winning Breezer commuter bikes add spark to everyday living. Available in step-through or step-over frames, the commuter models are outfitted with fenders, front and rear generator lights, and rear racks for a quick trip to the store, a weekend jaunt with friends, or your trip to work.

Breezer drop-bar adventure bikes are the perfect machines for off road exploring. This new line of bikes can handle varied riding surfaces, accommodate racks, fenders and high-volume tires and most importantly, provide a spirited ride and all-day comfort.

Once you have a Breezer, don’t be surprised as your car becomes your second vehicle.

Test ride a Breezer today!

10% off accessories with a bike purchase. Free 30-day adjustment.

“My lifelong quest is to distill the bicycle — the most efficient form of transport ever devised— to its purest form. When you achieve the essence, you bring forth the most endearing traits of a bicycle, the qualities that let us fly down the road with the greatest of ease, and give us the biggest smiles.”

~ Joe Breeze

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