We like choices. Especially when it comes to bikes parts.

We stock a large assortment of bike handlebars, stems, saddles, wheels, tires, and parts. Come by and take a look, and we’ll help you decide what is best for your bike and your biking needs.

Brooks Leather Saddles

Brooks leather saddles are the most comfortable saddle on the market. Leather and classic, the saddles are a commuting and touring mainstay. We have an extensive selection, and all models available in men’s and women’s sizes.


Still searching for your perfect bike seat? Stop by to take a saddle test ride and let us help you to determine the best fit. We stock demo seats from Terry. Take a Terry bike seat out for an extended week-long test ride and learn more about the perfect fit for you.

Handlebars & Stems

So many bike handlebar options, there’s no excuse to be uncomfortable! Stop by the shop and we can help you pick out the most comfortable option for your riding needs.

Grips & Bar Tape

Bar tape and grip colors galore! Match your frame, your decals, your seat, your helmet. Leather, colorful, ergonomic, or standard our grips from Ergon, Brooks, Planet Bike, and Oury, will have you riding in comfort and style.

Pedals & Toe Cages

Are you looking for a different pedal set-up? Do you like to clip-in or do you prefer a toe cage or strap? Do you like narrower pedals or wider? We can talk you through your options!


Puncture proof bike tires, ready to take you anywhere. The right tires help you ride on wet, rough, and glass strewn streets. Most of our tires have flat-resistant Kevlar and Vectran linings to keep you rolling on even the toughest roads.

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