Bike Willamette Campaign Meeting Friday, Jan. 27th, 6 pm

Bike Willamette Campaign for full bicycle access on south Willamette St. — Meeting two is this coming Friday, Jan. 27 at 6:00 P.M.

Campaign general meeting two –
In this upcoming meeting we’ll review our goal and the grouping of our strategies and activities from last meeting. Then we’ll add whatever seems to be missing. As quickly as possible we’ll designate some logical categories and split into smaller action groups.

Friday, Jan. 27th – 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Agate Alley Laboratory Restaurant, 2645 Willamette St., on the east side. In the banquet/meeting room.
(If you’re hungry or thirsty you’ll be able to order food and drink.)

In the meantime –
Do you have something to contribute to the campaign’s list of strategies and actions? Would you like to clarify anything which you offered at the Jan. 13 meeting? Please send to:

Reply to this message or call 541-954-3843

See you on Friday!

Paul, Kelsey, Courtney, Hans

Bike Willamette Campaign meeting one recap:
The Willamette Street Campaign for dedicated bicycle access rolled out to an astounding start on Jan. 13th. Fifty-five energized and creative people gathered with less than 24 hours notice! After a statement of the campaign goal and a brief recounting of recent planning activity involving south Willamette Street, we circled the room for self-introductions of participants.

The majority of the meeting time was spent generating strategies and actions that will lead to dedicated bike access. The over-seventy contributions were as varied as engaging with local businesses to regularly *practicing*/experiencing our *vision* of riding on South Willamette at 8AM on Saturdays.

Coming soon will be a draft compilation of strategies and actions sorted by categories. The categories could be the basis for establishing committees/work groups. Expect this list to arrive before our upcoming meeting.

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