Arriving By Bike bike shop is a locally owned and family run bike shop located in Eugene, Oregon. We’re here to help you bridge the gap to a biking lifestyle.

Our extensive inventory of bikes, packs, clothing and accessories is designed to make biking for transportation a real option.

Our bike service department offers quality bike repairs, tune-ups, and overhauls to keep your biking safe, dependable, and pleasurable.

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Cargo bikes, city bikes, touring bikes, kids bikes and more!


Xtracycle Edgerunner

The Xtracycle EdgeRunner is the ultimate cargo bike. Designed with a small 20” rear wheel, which lowers the center of gravity for greater stability, improves acceleration from a stop, and makes it easy to load up to three children or cargo weighing up to 250 lbs. The 100% Chromoly steel frame is the perfect material, because it’s lightweight, strong, and durable. This bike is built to grow with you for life.

Choose the bike that resonates with you – be it a derailer equipped 24D, or the internally-geared 11i, there’s an EdgeRunner for you.

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Breezer Beltway

The Breezer Beltway is a revolutionary, deceptively clean, belt-driven, ultimate lightweight commuter. Gone are the days of chain maintenance and greasy trouser legs. That’s thanks to the Continental CDS high performance belt drive system, which is incredibly lightweight, lasts almost twice as long as a typical chain, requires very little to no maintenance, and is ultra-quiet and smooth. Equipped with fenders, an oversized carrier, kickstand, bell, and integrated lights powered by the hub (no batteries), the Breezer Beltway will have you wishing your daily commute was just a bit longer.

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Flat Fix & Flat Prevention Clinic

We offer hands-on, small group, maintenance clinics and classes on an ongoing basis. For information on upcoming maintenance classes call (541) 484-5410 or stop by the shop.

Interested in growing your mechanic skills? Sign-up for our next Flat Fix & Flat Prevention Clinic. $10.00 (Scholarship available by request).

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Eugene Bike Shop


Eugene is a fantastic place to bike to work (and beyond).

There are lots of designated bike routes and bike lanes, and the weather never gets too hot or cold. Not to mention the feeling of well-being and bliss you will experience. So what do you need to get started?

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