Location: 2705 Willamette Street, Eugene, OR
Hours: Monday- Friday 11 am- 7 pm, Saturday 10 am- 6 pm, Sunday 12 pm- 5 pm
Phone: 541-484-5410

Our urban cycling store specializes in bikes, gear, knowledge & enthusiasm to support people to travel by bike.

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Breezer Beltway Elite Featured in Bicycling Magazine

Function never goes out of style

By Caitlin Giddings

Breeezer Beltway Elite

“Here’s a complaint that doesn’t get lodged very often: My commute is too short. It took me roughly five minutes to get to work on the Breezer Beltway Elite this morning, and despite enough sideways December sleet to feel like I was being subjected to a nonconsensual Polar Plunge, I wouldn’t have minded a few more miles of riding—just to get a few more minutes with the bike.

What You Need to Know

  • Built-in front and rear lighting system, kickstand, rack, and fenders
  • Shimano T447 Trekking hydraulic disc brakes
  • Internally geared hub and gates carbon drive belt are clean and easy to maintain
  • Weighs 29.8 LB (M)

The Beltway won our 2013 Editors’ Choice award for Best Urban Bike, and with good reason—it’s a smooth-shifting ride loaded with commute-enhancing features, such as a lightweight aluminum frame, Shimano’s slick Alfine 8-speed internally geared hub, a Gates belt drive, and powerful disc brakes. Breezer also piled on the extras, like dynamo-powered lights, comfortable Ergon grips, a rack, fenders, kickstand, and bell—pretty much everything you could want except for heated seats and a radio.

The term “urban cycling” often evokes visions of hipsters on fixies, but let’s be real—that isn’t the Beltway’s personality. This bike won’t wear tight pants anywhere, it won’t enjoy things ironically, and it certainly won’t drop out of school to “focus on its art.” It is built for everyday commuters who choose function over style, don’t want to waste time on constant maintenance, and want to pedal between points A and B with as little fuss as possible.

That said, the Beltway should appeal to more than buttoned-up legal aides and DMV clerks, because it’s a really fun bike to rip around on. It is unexpectedly light considering all the extras, and the shifting happens so immediately that it feels like the bike can anticipate your gearing needs. On the Beltway, I often looked for detours and took the long way home. Once, I veered off my one-mile morning commute and took a self-guided tour of the neighborhood Christmas lights, followed by a visit to my town’s farthest coffee shop. I swear I eventually made it to work.

Sometimes it’s not about having the hippest ride on the block. Sometimes I just want to ride somewhere and not worry about whether I brought my lights, what to do if it starts raining, or how I’m going to tote a 36-pack of beer home (maybe it’s PBR, maybe it’s not). The Beltway has me covered in almost any situation. And it makes my commute more enjoyable, especially on the days I take the long way in.

Belt DriveBelt Drives

European bike brands have already figured out a few things we’re still puzzling over here in the US. For one: More people will ride, and ride more, when riding is made easier—by increasing the number of safe routes, and by simplifying maintenance.

That’s why belt drives, like the Gates Carbon Drive, are already hugely popular in countries like Germany and the Netherlands, which have strong commuter cultures and no-nonsense approaches to bike maintenance. Lighter, cleaner, and stronger than a chain, the Gates system looks like a mini tank tread and feels about as powerful. The belt is embedded with carbon fiber cords that won’t stretch, and it requires no lube—wash it off anytime it gets grimy, and say good-bye to greasy chainmarks on your jeans. We predict that in the US more and more urban bikes will be built with belt drives, with Gates being the current leading system.

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Surly Bike SALE

$150.00 off of any Surly bicycle through March 30th, 2015!

Plus…get $100.00 Arriving By Bike store credit with any Surly bike purchase through March 30th, 2015!

We’ve got over 50 Surly bikes in stock so that you can find the Long Haul Trucker, Disc Trucker, Cross Check, Straggler, Big Dummy, Ogre or Troll in the size and color that goes well with the extra money in your pocket.

Head on over for a test ride! Surly offers this ‘cash-off-the-top’ deal starting immediately on all bike models and Arriving By Bike backs them up with store credit towards whatever else you need to make daily biking easy for you.

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Xtracycle Edgerunner Cargo Bike Promotion!

Take a look at these special prices for the Edgerunner cargo bikes! Ends Friday 12/19

#1 Edgerunner 24D 16.5″ w/ Yepp Child Seat

Reg. $1824   Special $1599
Comes with X1 side bags
Plus FREE Yepp Child Seat and Superhooks from Xtracycle

#2 Edgerunner 24D 16.5″ Freight

Reg. $2124   Special $1899
Comes with X2 side bags and Kickback Kickstand
Plus FREE Sidecar, Sidecar deck, and Cinchstraps x2 from Xtracycle

#3 Edgerunner 24D 16.5″ Family

Reg. $2224   Special $1999
Comes with Hooptie, Kickback kickstand and U-tubes
Plus FREE X2 side bags and fenders from Xtracycle

How it works:

- Sign up for this great offer on the Xtracycle website
- Once you sign-up with Xtracycle, you will receive a voucher to bring into Arriving By Bike to order your preferred bike set-up at the promo price

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Back to School Biking

Welcome to fall 2014. Back to school and back to biking!

Eugene is a fantastic place to bike to school (and beyond). There are lots of designated bike routes and bike lanes, and the weather never gets too hot or cold.

Not to mention the feeling of well-being and bliss you will experience.

So what do you need to get started?

Bike: Choose from a step-thru or diamond frame, 8 speeds or 24, and internal or external gearing. Some bikes come ready to go with rack, fenders, and lights.

Familiarize yourself with your possible commute length and terrain and then start riding bikes to see what will work best for you. Riding is the best way to determine what YOU like.

For those with more gear or passengers to carry, cargo bikes can be a good option.

What else do I need to ride to school?

Lights: Front white and rear red for safety. Choose from rechargeable or battery run in so many sizes.

Fenders: It rains in the Pacific Northwest and fenders are a wonderful way to stay dry and biking into the winter.

Rear Rack: Gives you the option to attach a basket or bag to your bike.

Bike bag or basket: Carrying heavy books, computers, and other necessities is far more comfortable when it’s not on your back!

U-lock: Locking your bike frame and wheels securely keeps your bike safe, sound, and happy.

You may also want…

Water bottle cage and bottle

Rain gear

Flat fix kit or flat resistant tires

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2014 Mural Bike Tour

It’s summertime, which means it’s time to hop on our bicycles and view some murals!

Details: Saturday, August 16th. Meet 10 am at the WJ Skatepark (under the Washington Jefferson Bridge near 1st Ave).

We’ll be viewing murals of the Whiteaker Neighborhood with muralists there to talk about their work.Shawn Mediaclast will lead the tour and interview mural artists along the way, including Esteban Camacho, Kari Johnson, Jim Evangelista, and Ron Lafond. Shawn is an artist and was the founder and owner of the Museum of Unfine Art. He is currently co-owner and DJ of popular nightclub Cowfish.

More information about the Mural Bike Tour is available atwww.lanearts.org. FREE EVENT!

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