Eugene is a fantastic place to bike to school and work. There are lots of designated bike routes and bike lanes, and the weather never gets too hot or cold. Not to mention the feeling of well-being and bliss you will experience.

So what do you need to get started commuting by bike?

1. A Bike

First, familiarize yourself with your possible commute length and terrain. Will there be hills? How far do you plan to ride?

Then start test riding bikes to see what will work best for you. Riding is the best way to determine what YOU like.

Ride both a a step-thru and diamond frame to determine your preferred frame style.

Ride bikes with multiple gears and ride up a hill to determine what gear range you would like.

Try both and internal and external gearing.

Some bikes come ready to go with rack for carrying bags and gear, fenders to protect you from the rain, and lights for nighttime visibility. But you can add these to your preferred bike too.

If you want to carry more gear or kids and passengers, cargo bikes are a fantastic option too.


2. Lights

Front white and rear red for safety. Choose from rechargeable or battery run in so many sizes.

3. Fenders

It rains in the Pacific Northwest and fenders are a wonderful way to stay dry and biking into the winter.

4. A Rear Rack

Gives you the option to attach a basket or bag to your bike.

5. A Bike Bag or Basket

Carrying heavy books, computers, and other necessities is far more comfortable when it’s not on your back!

6. A U-Lock

Locking your bike frame and wheels securely keeps your bike safe, sound, and happy.

7. Rain Gear

8. Flat Fix Kit or Flat-Resistant Tires

9. Water Bottle Cage & Water Bottle

10. Happy Biking!