Yuba Go Getter Bag

The Go-Getter is a spacious, top-quality bag that is easy to attach to the Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike and other longtail bicycles.

Portable, versatile
The all-new Go-Getter easily clips on to the either side of utility rack; it has a strap to help you carry it over your shoulder.

Large Capacity
With the capacity to hold up to four grocery bags, the Go-Getter is no lightweight when it comes to getting your groceries, backpack, computer, or whatever home, safe and dry.

Go-Getter improvements include a stiffened back for reduced bag slouch, an internal strap for dividing cargo and a drain to get spills out.

• Capacity: 85 liters
• Colors: Black & Orange
• Weatherproof
• Attaches on the Left or Right side
• Can be used with other longtail bicycles
• Compatible with the Yuba Mundo and the elMundo