Comfort, visibility, and color-cushion your SnapDeck. Silver top, black edge, red tail, reflective piping. Slip this baby over your SnapDeck to enhance the ride for your precious cargo.*

NOTE: MagicCarpet will only work with a SnapDeck.

The Magic Carpet is a simple yet profound addition to your Xtracycle platform. The magic lies not only in your ability to carry passengers with greater comfort on their end (so to speak) but also in its safety-minded full circumference reflective piping and new-for-2010, bright red tail.

The EVA foam is the same stuff that shoes are made of, and as far as closed cell foams go, it’s on the more earth-friendly side of the nasty, stinky foam spectrum.

Spruce up your weathered deck with a little style and cushion. Take someone you love on a MagicCarpet ride. Slip this baby over your SnapDeck to protect it from the elements and provide a cushion for your passenger. Made of sewn nylon, high density EVA foam, and features reflective piping around the perimeter.