FlightDeck is standard with the 2010 PeaPodLT, this deck is in it’s 3rd revision. We have maximized strength and minimized weight, added a second set of SuperHook holes to ensure maximum compatibility with other accessories. Handles front and rear ease passengering safety and make for easier maneuvering of your bike in tight spaces. Includes SuperHooks.

A FlightDeck can be installed on V-racks or P-Racks. FlightDeck is the platform for the PeaPodLT and is in it’s third generation – we have made it stronger, lighter, and more stylish (well, at least we think so). FlightDeck is also a Do-It-Yourselfer’s dream come true – mount a telescope, a barbecue, or a pet carrier atop this deck.

Made of 100% recycled HDPE (sourced from post-consumer milk jubgs), this is a US made product. The hooks we import from Taiwan, as well as the hardware. .