Cargo bikes do it all.

A cargo bike can take you from a quick trip to the store, to dropping your kids at school, to a Sunday afternoon ride. A great option for Eugene biking.

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Xtracycle cargo bikes makes hauling a load or carrying passengers and kids a no-brainer with these  great bike options. With the extended rear top deck and large side bags, Xtracycle is the mini van of bikes.



Yuba cargo bikes ride like regular bikes and give you the capacity to haul large bags of groceries too. They replace the mini-van and conveniently take your little ones, groceries, gear or any cargo to the places you love.



The Surly Big Dummy is a steel cargo bike from Surly. With a 200 lb. capacity, you can carry whatever strikes your fancy; kids, groceries, building supplies, or work gear.


Bike Friday

The Bike Friday Haul-a-Day is the first fully adjustable cargo bike on the market. Haul a load or kids on the back.

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