Burley  Plus

Introducing: the Burley Plus! The Burley Plus extends the life and value of your Burley Piccolo or Kazoo trailercycle by converting it into a bike! Now, you can turn your super-stable, tow-behind trailercycle into a fully functional bike for your child. The Burley Plus is perfect for when children are prepared to stop training on the trailercycle and ready to ride on their own. Contact your local Burley Dealer to place your pre-order today.

: Front & Rear Brakes
: Burley Plus Frame with Stem and Fork
: Front Wheel
: Users manual

The Piccolo or Kazoo trailercycles are sold separately and are required for use with the Burley Plus Conversion Kit. You can easily remove the hitch/towbar from your Piccolo or Kazoo’s main frame and insert the Burley Plus Conversion Kit. Transfer the handlebars from the trailercycle and mount the brakes with ease. The Plus conversion kit offers 2-wheel rideability with the trailercycle your kids have grown to love.

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