Weehoo i-Go

The WeehooiGo is the bicycle trailer for parents who really want to ride.The openess engages children for hours and encourages interaction between parent and child.

In the WeehooiGo bicycle trailer, children can pedal as much as they want or sit and relax. While pedalling, children can exert so much force that you’ll ride easier with your child than without. Due to it’s low design, you will experience effortless handling with the WeehooiGo bicycle trailer.

The WeehooiGo bicycle trailer Includes tons of storage, enclosed drive train, and ergonomic seat that quickly adjusts for different size riders.

Weehoo is proud to offer the iGo trailer as our signature bicycle trailer. Never before have parents and children enjoyed riding as much as they do with the iGo bicycle trailer.

Our patent-pending bicycle trailer integrates a comfortable, secure seating position with ability to pedal. Since children push against the backrest while pedaling, their contribution to propulsion is unbelievable.

A 7-year old child can propel an adult at over 10 miles an hour using the iGo bicycle trailer – without the adult pedaling! Now both the parent AND the child can enjoy exercising for hours.

The open bicycle trailer design allows parents and children to engage in conversation and share quality time. Every customer of Weehoo tells us that their children ask them to ride more than ever before.

Simply stated, the iGo bicycle trailer is: Effortless, Safe, Fun.

The iGo bicycle trailer is designed for kids’ enjoyment so that families can let the adventures begin.

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