Burley Piccolo

The Piccolo trailercycle allows your child to learn how to ride while staying safely behind you during the trip!

It features a versatile 7-speed twist grip shifter, adjusts easily for growing children, and offers superior stability with Burley’s patented aluminum ball-bearing guided hitch. Hitch securely mounts to the Burley Tailwind™ rear rack.

# Weighs 18.0 lb/8.2 kg
# Lightweight aluminum frame for durability, high performance and a solid ride
# 7-speed twist grip shifter
# Front splash guard
# Innovative Burley patented hitch system with ball-bearing guided pivots to provide shimmy-free performance
# Hitch sits perpendicular to the ground, providing superior handling and stability
# Double locking mechanism for extra security
# Stable and snug in-line handling with over-axle pivot attachment
# Comes with aluminum Burley Tailwind Rack that allows for side panniers
# Adjustable handlebar and seat post
# Safety flag and both wheel and rear reflectors for visibility
# 20-inch wheel for smooth rolling
# Recommended for children 4 to 10 years old and up to 85 lb/38.5 kg, with a recommended 2-1 adult weight-to-child weight ratio

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