Guardian 1 Speed 20"

The Original Guardian. Well, except you of course. This bike begins our mission to create the safest kids bikes. The Original Guardian comes equipped with the award winning SureStop braking system, designed to prevent head-over-handlebars accidents and stop your child’s bike quicker with the use of a single lever. In addition, we took care to create some of the lightest bikes in their class. Lighter means easier to maneuver, and easier means safer. At just 20.5lbs our bikes are over 10lbs lighter than most kids bikes, which is equivalent to 30lbs on an adult bike. Our Easy Ride geometry lowers the center of gravity (think sitting in boat vs. standing) so that balancing is a breeze. But all of this would mean nothing if your kids didn’t love the bikes. We worked with local elementary schools to create the best looking bikes around. So your kids will have another great looking guardian.