Yuba elBoda Boda Electric

It’s a cargo bike designed for everyday transportation, anywhere you see fit—really, it’ll fit most anywhere: transit racks, the elevator, your car, the subway, your 4th-floor walk-up… Trust us, this is impressive.

The el Boda Boda has even more creature comforts than its big brother—the Mundo—though it looks and feels similar to a regular bicycle. Speaking of regular bicycles, the el Boda Boda is one. No kids to carry? No load to bear? Want to cruise from point A to point B, exercise? Ride your el Boda Boda—no cargo required.

Handy features, such as a handhold for carrying, optional step-through frame, and upright, casual styling, make the el Boda Boda a favorite with city dwellers, kid-carriers, smaller riders, commuters, and the like. Its thoughtful design, modest size, superb handling, and fresh style make the el Boda Boda the world’s, lightest, and most compact cargo bike—for real life!

The el Boda Boda is for everyone from the cargo-enthusiast, to the easy-rider, and everyone in between. Suit yourself.

Yuba’s complete line of add-on make it easy to configure the bike for your needs, including seating options that grow with the passenger.

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