Yuba elMundo Electric

The elMundo electric cargo bicycle adds a powerful and quiet power boost, making it easier than ever to carry the people and things you need to take where you’re going.

At just 3 cents to 5 cents per charge, the elMundo provides unparalleled value, range, and speed. Every charge will help propel you for 12-20 miles, depending on load, terrain, and your use of the electric assist, all with a top speed of 20 miles per hour.

Businesses need to reach customers quickly; the ElMundo enables businesses to sidestep traffic and parking problems when serving customers. From restaurants delivering pizza and catering orders, to laundries dropping off dry cleaning, the elMundo offers businesses the ease of use of a bike with the speed and efficiency of a car.

The Mundo Cargo Utility Bicycle rides like a regular bike and gives you the capacity to haul at least 6 large bags of groceries. You can then save money, conserve resources, stay healthy, change your mobility, transform your world (this is what it’s about right?).

The unique steel chassis makes the Mundo the bike for taking your kid(s)* to places: kindergarten, school, soccer. It’s time to replace the mini-van, conveniently take your little one(s), groceries, gear or any cargo to the places you love.

*depending on your family needs you can customize/ accessorize the Mundo Cargo Bike with the Peanut Shell seat (2 can be used) and the passenger accessories, Hold-On safety bar or the SoftSpot padded seat.

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