Surly Cross-Check

The Cross-Check was the third frame we ever offered, and we offered it as a complete bike a year after the introduction of the frame. It’s a cyclocross bike by category, but we try to design a lot of versatility into our stuff. You can ride it on the road or off. It’s got lots of space for fat tires and for fenders. It does as good a job getting you across the country as it does getting you across town. If you get bored with how it’s built, change it. It can be a geared bike, or a singlespeed or fixed gear. Big tires? Check. Skinny tires? Check.

Neither the frame nor the component spec of the bike have changed much since we introduced it almost a decade ago because…well, why should it? We have made a few changes and updates over the years when those changes were either necessary or just plain a good idea. For instance, we added mid-blade eyelets to the fork for mounting a front rack. This isn’t a touring bike per se, but it will handle lighter touring loads, and a front rack can make that easier. This year we gave it a new fork crown too, with threaded eyelets for adding…things. Need a place to mount a spare light? Got a mini rack that needs anchor points? You’re covered.

There’s a reason we still offer the Cross-Check after all these years. The frame is comfy and tough as nails. We continue to hear from people who have made the Cross-Check their default go-to bike simply because it performs so astonishingly well. It’s one of the best riding, most versatile bikes around.

Bike Colors:
Hospital FoamGloss Black
56cm = 4.88 lbs (2.2 kg) Fork – uncut = 2.19 lbs (.99 kg)
(Steertube Uncut, No Pedals)

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