This low cost high quality bicycle trailer weighs in at 14 lbs with 12” wheels. Slightly heavier with the 16” or 20” wheels that are optional at a little higher cost.

The sturdy, watertight container/box is large enough for 5 full paper bags of groceries, scuba gear or 2 full 5 gallon kegs of beer, for you brewers out there. It is rated at 27 gallons capacity. The trailer frame is rated for 75 lbs.

The frame is steel and the wheel are pneumatic bullet proof plastic wheels with a road tread. It will function well on paved surfaces as well as most relatively smooth dirt/gravel roads or paths. It is not designed for single track.

Wheelbase is 17.5 to 18.5 inches depending on which way you put the wheels on.


Extra hitches are available for the cyclist with more than one bike or has family or friends to share with. If the hitch is already on all your bikes it is a matter of a second or two to hitch to another bike. They range from $19.95 which is our standard EcoShopper hitch to $24.95 for the standard heavy duty hitch. The hitches fit on almost all bicycles. We have custom hitches available for the odd bike.

People who are tall, above 5’8” approx. may want to purchase a walking handle if they need to walk with the trailer following on a level plain with the ground.