Burley Cub Child Trailer

The Cub is the best choice for daily use and touring on any terrain. Its durable double-walled plastic base makes it ideal for devoted cyclists and bike-rental companies. The Cub features an elastomer suspension system and insulating base design for smooth, quiet riding in any road or weather conditions. With seating for one or two children, it includes an adjustable sunshade, reclining seats and tinted side windows.

: Trailer with cover
: Tow arm and hitch for bicycle use
: Safety flag
: Users manual

Narrowest hard-bottom trailer on the market today
Elastomer suspension system
Integrated fenders
Exclusive height-adjustable handlebar that doubles as roll bar
All weather cover with waterproof zippers
Five-point harness and padded shoulder harness
Removable, washable seat pad & shoulder harness
Reclining seats
Tinted side windows
Adjustable sunshade
Forged aluminum hitch
Front-to-rear fold-flat design
Parking brake
16” black alloy spoked push-button wheels
Recessed helmet pocket
Interior pockets
Rear cargo area