iBert Front Seat

The safe-T-seat is more than just a child carrier, it’s 6 years work of a mother and father who were disappointed with the family bicycling options available. The bicycle trailers were great for us but terrible for the kids. They couldn’t see anything but dirt and rocks and when we closed the front flap to keep the muck out of their faces, they got too hot. Plus, it was BORING for them.

We didn’t like the rear-mounted seats because our kids just got to see our backsides and it was tough to talk to them. Again, NOT FUN. The balance of the bike was off and the safety issues made us nervous. The safety advantages of our seat are that you always maintain control of the bike when loading and unloading your child, you can see what your child is doing at all times, and the center of gravity is closer to the center of the bike making it easier to control.

We tried other front mounted seats. They were complicated to hook onto the bike. And once you got them attached, it was another long process if you ever wanted to remove them. The biggest problem we had with the other front mounted seats is that we had to ride bow-legged and it was uncomfortable to ride for very long.

We loved the idea of the front mounted seat but knew we could change it and make it better and easier for other families. We made our patented stinger assembly easy to attach and remove from the bike. The seat sits higher and is smooth on the bottom. So even if your knees hit the bottom of the seat, they just glide along the smooth edges on the bottom. Plus, we were able to get a trailer bike and one parent was then able to take both children for a ride. What could be better for a stay-at-home mom!

Our seat is made in the U.S.A. so quality and safety are our main objectives.

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