Bobike Junior Rear Seat

The Bobike junior is a multifunctional children’s bicycle seat. You can fold the backrest down and up again by pressing the red button on top of the seatback. When folded down, you can place or hang shopping on it. The seat is mounted in the same attachment elements as the Bobike maxi+. This makes the Bobike junior the ideal successor to the Bobike maxi+. The safe Bobike junior offers your child all the comfort it needs on the back of the bicycle, thanks to the ample knee-room and plenty of room for movement.

Carefree enjoyment of the world around you
Safe and sound on the back of the bike, with feet firmly secured in the footrests, enjoying the world as it goes by! The Bobike junior is suitable for children aged from around 5 years and weighing up to 32 kilos. The seat is simple to mount on your bicycle. You can easily adjust the footrests to the length of your child’s legs, giving you years of pleasure from the Bobike junior. The comfortable and rugged seat is attractively designed and made from robust, no-maintenance material that is easy to clean. The padding is available in various fresh colours.

Your child will sit extremely safely on the Bobike junior with the separately available hip belt.

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