Bobike Mini+ Front Seat

The Bobike mini+ provides your child exactly what it needs: Comfort, safety and a good position from where he can fully enjoy all the things going on around him. Nestled safely between your arms your child can look inquisitively all around. Can there be any better way of discovering the world?

The Bobike mini+ also stands for uncompromising safety. Children aged from 9 months to around 3 years (or 15 kilos) enjoy maximum comfort and optimal protection in this attractively designed children’s bicycle seat. The three-point belt, the well thought out protective edges to the footrests and the adjustable foot straps guarantee a feeling of safety for children and parents.

The Bobike mini+ fits all bicycles with a steel handlebar. The bicycle seat is attached to your bicycle’s handlebar and thus follows all your steering movements. The clever attachment allows the seat to be removed from the bicycle at the flick of a wrist and mounted on another bicycle. The Bobike mini+ is available in various modern colours.

The easy to remove padding comes in attractive designs. In addition, you can choose a matching windscreen and matching bicycle bags (not available in all designs).

Approved to the latest European standard
The Bobike mini+ is approved according to the stringent European safety standard EN 14344. TNO regularly checks the Bobike mini+ in this regard.

You can adjust the position of the footrests to the length of your child’s legs. By removing the lowest cover of the footrest bar, you have an additional extra-low attachment point.

The foot straps, together with the three-point belt system, ensure a comfortable and safe ride. The clasp of the extremely safe three-point belt is difficult for your child to open. Two hands are needed to open the belt.

To give your child extra protection against the wind, sun and rain, the Bobike windscreen has been developed. You can attach or remove this practical and safe windscreen at the flick of a wrist. The transparent screen is strong and impact-resistant. It is attractively designed and available in the same designs as your Bobike mini+. The new windscreens have an extra long leg. This leg means it is still possible to adjust the height of your bicycle’s handlebar. This part is also available separately as an accessory. The windscreen is the ideal companion for your Bobike mini+.

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