Ortlieb Bike Shopper

Everybody knows the plastic bags and the obligatory cotton bags that dangle perilously from our handlebars after we’ve been shopping at our local supermarket. With the Bike-Shopper all these groceries can be brought home safely. Spacious shopping bag (single) with QL2 system, for rack diameters up to 16mm; waterproof Quick Seal closure, adjustable shoulder strap, padded carrying handle, inner pocket; Optional accessories: carrying system, anti-theft device, outer pocket size S. Temperatures below -5°C/23F may affect the function of the sealing lip.

It also comes with an inner pocket for your change, notes, keys and cell phone.

It is compatible with the pannier harness system, the outer pockets size S and the anti-theft device (all available as accessories).

Thanks to the QL2 mounting system, the pannier can be quickly detached from the rack and carried comfortably over your shoulders with the adjustable carrying straps.

The sealing closure will prevent your crusty croissants from getting soaked.

More colors available.

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