It`s time to roam the world with the best touring bags in the business. Accessibility, organization, durability and three layers of waterproof protection! With multifunctional pockets, tearaway tent and toiletry pouches and integrated drybag liner, it`s a big, bold waterproof home away from home. The flagship of the Arkel line, the GT-54’s are the gold standard of touring bags. An internal aluminum frame supports the load and the full-length zippers give you complete access to your gear. At 3300 cubic inches, this bag gives you the freedom to take whatever you want with you. Designed to go the distance, the GT-54’s are ready for whatever the road has to offer.

Grand Touring rear panniers
Weight: 3kg / 6.6 lbs (pair)
Volume: 54 l. / 3300 cu. in. (pair)