Lightweights Stealth Tape

Black Reflective! Yes, Black. Made from 3M 680 Scotchlite Reflective material it is the highest quality retro-reflective money can buy! When light hits this black material it reflects white! Contains a continuous 100 inch long 3/8 inch wide roll of black reflective that will easily confrom to curvy surfaces and around corners like the circumference of a carbon fiber paddle blade.

Cover all of your black components and your precious black bike and helmet with Lightweights Stealth Tape, because no one will know its there until it gets hit with a beam of light and reflects back to the light’s source – like a motorist’s headlights. With Stealth Tape on your black and charcoal gray components and Lightweights for Wheels on your silver spokes, your bike will look normal and cool and not uncool like a circus clown bike out of the carnival covered in the other guy’s reflective stickers.

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