Lightweights Soft Roll

Lightweights Soft Rolls™ is made form the same material as the Original Award-Winning Lightweights for Wheels™ and Lightweights for Clothing™ and Bright Kids™ but in a 100 inch long continuous 3/8 inch wide roll.

Soft Rolls allow you to stripe down the side of your pants, shirts, jackets, raingear, tents, tools paddles, you name it. It can be used to pinstripe your bike, your bags, your baby buggy or anything else with Bright Silver Reflective. Uses the same instructions found in Lightweights for Clothing™ for iron-on permanence on washable fabrics. Apply Lightweights Reflective Soft Roll tape to pet collars and leashes to protect all of your family even the four-legged hairy ones – you know who they are.

These Original award-winning Lightweights™ are made from 3M Scotchlite™ reflective material and is the highest quality retro-reflective money can buy! When light hits this silver material it reflects a brilliant powerful bright white light!

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