Because some of you would literally rather die than put silver safety reflective on your black things…There’s Lightweights Bright Black™. Made from 3M 680 Scotchlite Reflective material it is the highest quality retro-reflective money can buy! When light hits this black material it reflects white! Bright Black contains 7 dots of the same material as Stealth Tape. The dots are 2 inch and 1/2 inch in diameter.

Bright Black™ can be applied to your bike, your car, helmet, racks, fenders, hoods, carbon fiber forks, carbon fiber components, you name it, just about any hard, plastic, metal, or painted surface that just absolutely, positively must remain black…well, until that special moment.

Lightweights Bright Black™ must be applied to a clean dry surface free from oil and grease.