SKS Chromoplastics

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SKS Chromoplastics

Mudguard set for front and rear with traditional and unmistakable decorative stripes.

3.4 mm stainless steel
bolts and nuts from stainless steel
front fork crown fitting, sliding bridge and fixed bridges of stainless steel
including stainless steel assembly kit
security fastening Secu clip (DIN 79100)

Available colors: Black and Silver

P35 silver 35 mm 28 700×20-28
P45 silver 45 mm 28 700×28-37
P50 silver 50 mm 28 700×38-45
P55 silver 55 mm 26 26×1.6-26×2.30
P65 silver 60 mm 26 26×1.6-2.30
black (suitable for Big Apple)

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